New EP Jacob’s Ladder out 1st December

It’s been some time since my last post, what was going to be a brief hiatus from my track of the week segment has turned into several years. As life responsibilities have gotten more complicated my free time has greatly reduced and I needed to decide what I wanted to prioritise.

The priority is my own music, and the first result of this work is this new EP Jacob’s Ladder.

The EP is focused on a collection of breakbeats I made and blends them with synthesis and Brass instrumentation to create something more rhythm focused and will be out on the 1st of December. On Bandcamp and for the first time streaming through all available music streaming services. I’ll post more as it comes up to its release on social media so follow my Instagram and Tiktok for more:

Press Release- “Made In Japan” New Album by ConfettiTsunami

MANCHESTER,UK-After travelling through Japan and making extensive field recordings of places and events in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, ConfettiTsunami returned back to Manchester with an idea to turn these into a travelogue.

“Made in Japan” evolved organically from this original idea. Interweaving the field recordings with compositions written whilst in Japan, and developing them back home in Manchester, ConfettiTsunami creates music that drifts between experimental electronica and dance music.

Crafted out of passion and a yearning to relive the familiar, and inspired by electronic luminaries such as Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin and Oneohtrix Point never, ‘Made In Japan ‘ is a nostalgic trip of a real life experience that is both reflective and sincere; an album that any fans of electronic music won’t want to miss.

Album available from;  For more Information, promotional requests or to arrange an interview contact Directly via or visit

Track Listing

  3. LOCKS
  7. YAMANOTE LINE [25/26-00H76M03S]

Album Art

Front Cover
Artist Picture 1080p

ConfettiTsunami – Made In Japan

My first full length album is finally here! Made In Japan has taken several years of hard work and is available on Bandcamp now:

Weekly Beats 28 (Unrest)

Week 28 (Unrest)

During making last weeks track I found allot of versatility in the vocal sample I had recorded into the OP1. When pitching it down to a lower octave and more of a bass range it sounded completely different then its original sample and I started to toy with it. After creating several different melodies with the vocals I tried to find accompanying instrumentation that would suit the piece and continued to do this for the rest of the week.

On the weekend I went into the mixing stage. I had created over 20 different melodies with different instrumentation that all lasted around the 6 minute mark. As the sound of the track was driven by the repeating vocal melody and I had a lot of different textures already, I decided to leave drums out and make it a more Ambient affair. I played all the individual stem recordings and mixed them live into a master stereo recording of the track to create a more drifting reactionary sound. After several different attempts at a mix down I was happy with the result and this is the one you can hear below:

Weekly Beats 26 (Signing Off)

Week 26 (Signing Off)

This week measures the halfway point for the year and the last track in my Spring collection which will be up on bandcamp as an album for downloading soon. The aim for the spring collection was to release a track each week that contained at least one instrument with a coiled spring as its sauce (namely Guitar or Piano) and I achieved it.

Signing off was a way to send off things with a more ambient sound something of a pallet cleanser before the summer collection which will roll on next week. Have a listen bellow:

Album: Winter

The cover to my first album

My new years resolution, to make and release a track each week for the year is going well. I thought it was time to compile the first 12 into a winter collection album available to anyone through bandcamp. It’s a pay what you like policy so feel free to download it and tell me what you think of the tracks. You can listen to them all below or click on the link to download them through bandcamp:

Weekly Beats 14: (Vera Rubin)

Week 14 (Vera Rubin)

This week I went a little more experimental. The original idea was to have two melodies, one on piano and one on an electric piano which over every 12 bars increased and decreased an octave so by the middle of the piece the interweaving melody were in the same octave before drifting apart. It also means that the bass melody and lead melody switch between the beginning and end of the piece.

I then added drone elements with guitar and synth to create an otherworldly sound, I have focused heavily on panning the instruments so they all have some space to breathe which may mean if listened to in mono it may not come out as planned.

Due to the songs circular repeating nature I thought I would dedicate it to Vera Rubin, American female scientist who pioneered work on how galaxies rotate and gathered evidence towards the theory of dark matter. A legendary Figure who needs more recognition.

Listen to the track by following the link below: