Press Release- “Made In Japan” New Album by ConfettiTsunami

MANCHESTER,UK-After travelling through Japan and making extensive field recordings of places and events in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, ConfettiTsunami returned back to Manchester with an idea to turn these into a travelogue.

“Made in Japan” evolved organically from this original idea. Interweaving the field recordings with compositions written whilst in Japan, and developing them back home in Manchester, ConfettiTsunami creates music that drifts between experimental electronica and dance music.

Crafted out of passion and a yearning to relive the familiar, and inspired by electronic luminaries such as Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin and Oneohtrix Point never, ‘Made In Japan ‘ is a nostalgic trip of a real life experience that is both reflective and sincere; an album that any fans of electronic music won’t want to miss.

Album available from;  For more Information, promotional requests or to arrange an interview contact Directly via or visit

Track Listing

  3. LOCKS
  7. YAMANOTE LINE [25/26-00H76M03S]

Album Art

Front Cover
Artist Picture 1080p

ConfettiTsunami – Made In Japan

My first full length album is finally here! Made In Japan has taken several years of hard work and is available on Bandcamp now:

Album: Spring

It’s taken too long to release this album, but it’s finally up on Bandcamp for all to hear. You can listen to it on the site or pay what you like to download it.

This album comes from tracks made each week between March and June of this year and marks the halfway point of the music produced for the entire year.

Give it a listen and let me know what you guys think in the comments section:



Weekly Beats 13: Terminal

week 13 (Terminal)

This Week I make a track starting with a mistake in recording from the previous one. The intinal drum hit is a sample taken from the acousitc guitar recording on Camberweel beauty but I liked the way the slap of the guitar sounded more percussive and decided to lay it out for this work.

Pad’s and sounds created on the OP1 become less of the mainstay and more suplimental as the aim is to add more traditional instruments fore the next few weeks even if they are heavily processed.

Listen to the track here:

Weekly Beats 11: Whale to the Moon

Week 11 (Whale to the Moon)

This track is inspired in part by video game music from the RPG’s of the 16bit, 32bit and Playstation era. I have been a fan of video game composers especially Nobuo Uematsu for a long time.

Their work ethic puts my one track a week project to shame, In later iterations of Final Fantasy for the Playstation hundreds of tracks were produced for a single game with a limited pallet of sounds and a short timeframe, yet the quality of the composition still shines through.

On Wail to the Moon I tried to replicate some of those sounds but add a bit more modern production to the piece. Listen to it by following the link below and tell me what you think:

Weekly Beats 8: Hunter, Killer

Week 8 Hunter, Killer

This Track Is my entrance into Novations Music competition every sound is made from the free novation sample library available currently on their site.
I used a total of 16 Drum samples and 5 other samples to make the entire tune. Changing the processing of these samples Every 16 bars to alter the tone of the track. The aim was to try to make something slightly ominous which gets more oppressive as the track shifts forward.

You can hear the track below:

New Track: Week 7 (We March On!)

week7 (we march on)

Week sevens piece was a little rushed as I ran out of time making the track I aimed to do. I had to improvise by performing an old piece live, recording and then releasing is straight to weekly beats.

The Piece was created as part of a soundtrack for the film El Eco del Dolor de Mucha Gente, which I composed. Although it was my favourite piece it didn’t find a place in the film and has been on the shelf since. Maybe with some more time I will arrange it for more instruments but currently it will stay on piano.

You can here the track for week 7 below: