TOTW: The Antlers_Two

This year, on it’s 10th anniversary The Antlers are re-issuing their album “hospice” and backing it up with a tour.

Hospice is a fantastic record that still deserves peoples attention. Its a bleak concept album focusing on a relationship between two people, one struggling with with bone cancer. The album manages to represent and keep this concept in its lyrics, music and production throughout its entire playtime which is no mean feat.

it also makes it an easy record to get lost in and in turn a hard one to pick an individual track from. “Two” comes at the beginning of the final 3rd of the album and it still sticks in my head many hears later. Although a quieter point of the album it’s an emotional crescendo that concludes the relationship between the two characters. The lyrics take you as a listener between the anguish of the current events in the verses and a montage of life events between the couple. Towards the end of the track the past and present blend together for the final verse brilliantly reflecting the protagonists thought process In a time of trauma.

All elements of the track reflect the feelings of the character so well that it can be a hard listen but a worthwhile one none the less. If you haven’t give Hospice a listen and if you have it’s 10th anniversary is a perfect time to revisit a modern classic.



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