TOTW: Tim Hecker- In Mother Earth Phase

Tim Hecker has always had a strong focus on sound design in his works, with instrumentation characteristically heard in non traditional ways. On his album “Konoyo” he took this one step further by predominantly using instruments from the traditional Japanese form “Gagaku.”

Recording and processing these instruments in his usual way, Tim Hecker has added another level of abstraction for the western listener; you can hear the echoes of something organic, but with processing it has become a shadow of its former self. This hints at memories and emotions in the listener, without ever directly confronting them.

Although each track on “Knoyo” pulls different emotions I decided to pick “In Mother Earth Phase” as for me its the most positive track on the album. Instrumentation drifts in and out of the piece and sounds almost like an alternate orchestra tuning up. These sounds create a strong otherworldly mood, enveloping attentive listeners in a audio quilt of unique sound design and interesting instrumentation:


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