TOTW: Skee Mask_Soundboy ext.

“Compro” made my album of the year list in 2018 by being greater then the sum of its parts. The album feels like a DJ set. It flows through a collection of different genres of dance music, with Skee Mask’s stripped down sound of Icy pads and complex drum patterns.

On “Soundboy ext.” Skee Mask applies his style to Drum And Bass, with the break being filtered and chopped to within an inch of its life. It is filterd to make it mostly snare and hi-hat, allowing a massive sub bass line to dominate the low end. It gives the track a feeling of building tension throughout, which is partially relieved at the halfway point when the drums are allowed more of the frequency range to dominate the track for a few bars.

For the last minute the drums fade away leaving an ambient soundscape, which provides some respite before the next dark driving track “Dial 247” kicks in.

“Soundboy ext.” is a great track on the album and in its own right and demonstrates the qualities of a rising star in the electronic music world:



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