TOTW: MGMT_ Of Moons Birds & Monsters

MGMT’s First album “Oracular Spectacular” is a weird and wonderful piece of work. On its incredibly catchy first half songs like “Kids” and “Electric Feel” blended psychedelic styles with a strong pop direction bringing many people to the record.

The records second half gets a little looser and spacey. The Influences that become prevalent in future MGMT releases start to show through a little more. But they don’t loose all of their pop sensibilities or play times. It’s in this space that one of my favorite tracks comes forth.

Of Moons Birds & Monsters mixes vocal verses with psychedelic space rock instrumentals, building to the halfway point that breaks into the guitar hook which gets me every time. Dave Friedmann produced this record and his unique ability to elevate lo-fi/garage rock elements into massive walls of sound shines through. It creates a soundscape that I have loved since the first time I heard it.

It’s a track that has stuck with me. It’s been there to pick me up in low moments and elevated the good to new heights. Of Moons Birds & Monsters pushes into territories outside of poplar music further that other tracks on this album but it reigns it in. It takes a track that could easily sprawl out into a self indulgent monster and confines it into a short and sweet playtime that keeps you coming back for more.


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