TOTW: M83- Echos of Mine

The French have an ability to make music that is so ostentatious it would be considered pretentious from other nations, but they can pull it off with credibility, and even a coolness.

M83 makes no exception. The music he creates wears its emotions on its sleeve. Open in a childish whimsical way that is very hard to achieve without sounding too saccharin, Yet its’s achieved on all their albums to great success.

For me M83’s best work is still on the double album “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”. It perfected the sound that was developed through the previous albums with better production, which exaggerates the complex shimmering walls of sound M83 can create. This is exemplified on the track “Echos of Mine” where you are immersed in a wash vocal/synth pads, colliding guitar and drums that are so huge it is almost overpowering.



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