Weekly Beats 51 (North Dakota)

Im taking time off my albums of the year list to bring you second to last weekly beats track.

This Weeks track is pretty much all op 1 again. I built this nice sounding organ pad using the OP1’s FM synth and it really suited the key of A minor so that pretty much decided how the track would go.

After recording all the instrumentals within the OP1 I decided to use the Kramer tape emulation plugin I bought during the waves sale on every track for both as an effect and for mastering purposes. It was the only effect plugin used outside of the OP1 bar Ozone for mastering.

The voice sample came from a link on “the moth” podcast. I heard it and thought it suited the mood of the piece so sampled it with the OP1 and ran it through the CWO effect. I highly recommend the moth to anyone who likes listening to Podcasts:


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