Top 5 albums of 2011

4. Girls- ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’

When I was recommended the Girls first album I wasn’t an instant fan, their take on 50′s rock and roll didn’t grab me initially, however the quality of the tracks shone through over time.

Their new album Father, Son, Holy Ghost applies the same high standard but this time to a larger breadth of rock and roll history. We get a collection of tracks that are reminiscent of many bands that would now go on the playlist of a classic rock radio station, the influences of Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, the Beach Boys and many more can be heard on individual tracks. But Girls also take influences from the very beginning of rock and roll, with elements of gospel and blues deeply entwined throughout the album, which itself is produced and mastered in a beautifully traditional way that respects the material.

Sonically this leaves the album feeling like a love letter to the history of rock music, managing to cover several eras of rock and roll faithfully and at a high standard. The vocals manage to compliment this perfectly, taking the album out of pastiche by giving it a weight and authenticity. The final track ‘Jamie Marie’ is a great example; Christopher Owens’ vocals feel honest and believable in a way that has unfortunately been ironed out of current pop music.

The variety makes this album far more accessible to me on the first few listens then their previous works, and any fan of rock music will find something to love. It is wonderful to hear an album that goes back to the roots of the genre and makes you realise what we are currently missing.

In modern music, production has taken over from the music itself, and to someone who regularly gets focused down the wrong path its nice to know that Father, Son, Holy Ghost will always be there to clear my head.

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