Top 5 albums of 2011

5. I Break Horses- ‘Hearts’

When I first heard the track ‘Hearts’ by I Break Horses courtesy of the new noise podcast I had to rewind and hear it again. The progressive build of synths through to guitar and drums followed by its atmospheric strip down to a dominating analogue synth lead at the end was an instant winner for me.

Unfortunately on first listen, their album didn’t have the same effect, their singles stood out way above the other 7 tracks. However these tracks have slowly grown on me, they all have something special about them, the instrumental collapse at the end of ‘Wired’ and the opening build in the track ‘I Kill Love, Baby!’ are two of the highlights.

This band are on my list mostly because ‘Shoegaze’ and electronica are the staples of my musical love. I Break Horses mix these in a majestic and upbeat way. Although this album isn’t perfect, it shows great potential and is worth buying for the track ‘Hearts’ alone.

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