TOTW: Grandaddy- Hewiett’s Daughter (Piano Version)

After a weeks break for my albums of the year, I continue my Track Of the Week section with a focus on an album that is essentially a stripped down version of another work, reimagined and converted into purely piano pieces. This makes for a different but amazing sound.

I Love The Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy. It’s probably one of my favorite albums overall and at some point deserves me to talk about it in more detail. So when they announced this remastering of The Sophtware Slump with a bonus piano-only version of the album I was excited.

Its great overall and transitions well to piano (and the ocasional synth), but its Jason Lytle’s vocals that still steal the show. The wounded loneliness in his vocal delivery are just as soul destroying as ever, and even in the more playful moments you always feel it.

If you have never heard “The Sophtware Slump,” start with the original album. It really is classic.

If you have heard that record and are open to a different take on it that still holds many of its qualities, then this definitely justifies your time.

Hewett’s “Daughter” is probably my favorite track on both the records and so had to be the Track Of The Week.


TOTW Playlist:

TOTW: Grandaddy_Summer Here Kids

This is the third time Grandaddy have appeared on my track of the week segment and with good reason. Their mix of Lo-Fi sound with highly ambitious structure manage to create tracks that you have to admire. The punk “do it yourself” ethos can be ascribed to all of Grandaddys work including their production and its this creation of amazing music almost in spite of the technology that me a massive fan.

Although their second album the software slump is a favourite for me and highlighted in the previous tracks of the week underneath the weeping willow and He’s simple, he’s dumb he’s the pilot. This week I thought i would go to a track from their first album under the western freeway.

Although on the more grungy side of Grandaddys tracks. Summer here kids has the seeds in it that would grow into the gargantuan oaks of later work. The opening synth line and the skittish structure which attacks its own tempo after the acoustic guitar break are perfect examples. Mix that with the cynical downtrodden vocals of Jason Lytle and your on to a great track:

TOTW: Grandaddy_Underneath the Wheeping Willow

The Sophtware Slump is an album I Love, I go back to it time and time again, yet it always seems to leave its understated charm on me.

What really stands out is the delivery of the lyrics. The tone in Jason Lytles voice manages to convey a naivety and longing that’s captivating. No other track on the album highlights these qualitys more than Underneath the Wheeping Willow.

It may be short but as it arrives towards the end of the album it really packs an emotional punch. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

TOTW:Grandaddy_He’s simple, he’s dumb, he’s the pilot

After seeing lawless the other night, The cover of Granddaddy’s Aim towards the sky is brilliantly used and got me back into listening to their album The Sophtware Slump which is great from beginning to end.

I thought I would put up two tracks today, Firstly the track He’s simple, He’s dumb, He’s the pilot and secondly the cover of So You’ll Aim towards the sky by The Bootleggers feat Emmylou Harris.