TOTW: Grandaddy- Hewiett’s Daughter (Piano Version)

After a weeks break for my albums of the year, I continue my Track Of the Week section with a focus on an album that is essentially a stripped down version of another work, reimagined and converted into purely piano pieces. This makes for a different but amazing sound.

I Love The Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy. It’s probably one of my favorite albums overall and at some point deserves me to talk about it in more detail. So when they announced this remastering of The Sophtware Slump with a bonus piano-only version of the album I was excited.

Its great overall and transitions well to piano (and the ocasional synth), but its Jason Lytle’s vocals that still steal the show. The wounded loneliness in his vocal delivery are just as soul destroying as ever, and even in the more playful moments you always feel it.

If you have never heard “The Sophtware Slump,” start with the original album. It really is classic.

If you have heard that record and are open to a different take on it that still holds many of its qualities, then this definitely justifies your time.

Hewett’s “Daughter” is probably my favorite track on both the records and so had to be the Track Of The Week.


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