Albums of 2012


beach house: bloom

Dreampop was certainly prevalent in 2012, stripped down sounds and simple structures were the in thing and for me, Beach House created the best of the lot.

The tracks are fairly sparse instrumentally, we get vocals, Synths, bass a single guitar and backing drums but what makes it really work is the care and attention going into the soundscape, the instruments and vocals are all given a healthy dose of reverb and the tone of each of the instruments is perfectly chosen for each track. It works so well that the album just seems to blend itself into your surroundings. You can easily just let the tracks wash over you and enjoy the whole and yet at the same time I have gone back to tracks just to hear the way they develop.

All of this makes an album that has managed to bore its way into my mind. Its subtleties and its focus on a sound make it easily replayable this album isn’t a punch to the chest, more a slowly building crescendo that envelops you in its structures.

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