Albums of 2012

John Talabot: Fin

john talabot: fin

When I heard the single “destiny”, from this album, I knew I was in for a real treat and fin didn’t disappoint. The album has a dark, almost sinister, tinge backed up with a driving house beat that makes it transferable from the club to the home, with layers of textures and samples employed that really give you something to chew on.

The album starts with what sounds like a wild track recording of a jungle with a variety of animal calls that give a feeling of the unknown, like there’s something watching you in the dark. That feeling is always there underneath some great synth lines and pitched vocal samples and it makes the album. Most dance music is based around attack and release, the build of tension to a crescendo of euphoria. However what makes Fin different is the tension is actually tense. You’re not just waiting to hear the drop for that hit of endorphins, instead you’re looking for a release from the darkness. Luckily John Talabot gives you that release in buckets. Tracks like “when the past was the present” bring that elated 90s rave feel that’s ever so sweet in contrast.

We’re left with a detailed and textured piece of electronica, full of great tracks that only gets better with repeat listens.

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