Albums of 2012

Tame impala: Lonerism

Tame Impala lonerism

From opening track “be above it” you can tell that lonerism is going to be something special. The heavy drum sound with large focus on the progressive makes this album feel like its a lost track from a 60’s band on a jam session after experimenting with LSD. This continues into the rest of the album, with drum cymbals drifting out of phase and a classic hoffner bass sound, It’s reminiscent of the later Beatles work. I would stretch my neck out and say if you like Sgt Pepper’s, The White Album and paisley shirts this is an album you have to have.

This may sound like the album is purely referential and may put you off but the music isn’t just an homage to a bygone era of peace and love tame impala also has one thing that puts him above pastiche, he knows how to write a good pop song.

That’s the reason we still listen to the Beatles, when you cut below the weird separation of stereo and the experimental, the tracks are always catchy and memorable in a magical way that always grows on you rather than bores or annoys and Lonerism achieves this to a incredibly high standard. Once you’re into the mindset of the album and its sound, every track feels like a nugget of pop gold.

Wer’e left with an album full of pop singles blended perfectly together with talented production, You’ll find yourself dipping into the album for an individual track and letting it play to the albums conclusion. Once you’re into the sound of lonerism its very hard work to pause it or get it out of your head. Great work indeed.

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