Better late than never

Hi all,
As my last entry stated I have been working on several tracks and I agreed to have one out for you to listen to at the end of the month,

Unfortunately work has taken its toll on my time limit and my own solo work has taken a back foot recently, being replaced with production work for other people.

However I have also had some time to work on a Soundtrack for a play of The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Anderson.

I thought I would make a track available for you to listen to here on my music page.

I’ve still got several tracks at different stages of completion and hope to get some new stuff out for you soon.



Working on tracks as of Feb 2012

Hi all,

I’m sorry it has been a while since I have published anything, although I would love it to be, this isn’t my main line of work and has had to take a backseat recently for my paid work.

However, there is still progress and a lot of work from last year that I haven’t released will be out soon. I have 2 tracks underway in the studio one of which will be posted on soundcloud and the other I will leave for an album I aim to put out at the end of this year. These are taking up the little free time I have but I aim to have at least something new out by the end of the month.

In other news a film I have written the music for has been translated from spanish to english for a UK release so when I know what festivals it will be in I will announce it on the site, It took up a large chunk of last years music time for me but I am very proud of the outcome and look forward to other people seeing it.

I am also producing and mastering an EP for a singer songwriter which I will let you know about once he is willing to let the world know a little more, It’s exiting to be working with someone and getting fresh new ideas. It’s also fun to be mixing music that is a little more traditional and stripped down then my usual work, giving me a greater understanding of a more subtle approach to sound engineering.

Well that’s about it for now, There will be a lot of stuff to listen to and watch involving me in the not to distant future and I’ll get some of my own music up as soon as I can.


Two new tracks out

Finally after struggling with my internet connection and soundclouds upload process i have added two new tracks for listening to in the music section entitled darkness is my weakness and Loosing is a game i want to win.

I did them both over a week for a friend’s birthday party so its good to finally get some more of my own stuff out there now my work on a film has finished.

I hope to put some more stuff out soon especially over christmas when work dies down and I have more spare time.

Hope this will suffice for now,


Getting the basics done

Well over today i have changed some of the structure of the site and the menu bar colour added a way for everyone to contact me and finally i will try to remove some of the extra Poststitles on the pages.

Once that’s over tomorrow i can look at uploading some music on the pages and get into actually using it as a blog rather than a project in learning the basics of .php.


Starting up the site.

Hi all,

I’m starting to build the site up over time so its early days.

This Blog section is just a place to talk about anything that comes to mind and that doesn’t fit the constraints of my own music. Albums worth listening to, gigs i have seen or just silly things that have happened expect them here.