TOTW: Bon Iver_Heavenly Father

Bon Iver Has released a new track, part of the soundtrack for Zach Braffs new film “I wish I was here” and it’s another winner.

The way Justin Vernon blends his soulful voice and traditional folk aesthetics with modern electronic forms of production always lead to new and exiting things. Heavenly Farther is another example which shows a development in his work.

He has always played with his voice in production especially with autotune in the past. In this track he implements a sampler to turn his vocals into a large collection of elements within the track. This and the addition of a heavily compressed kick drum make for some unusual choices. But these are choices that work and have led me back to multiple listens of the song.

I look forward to his next full album but untill then this is a great piece of work to tide me over: