TOTW: Beach House_Wishes

Some tracks take time to grow for me, I loved the Beach House album Bloom on its release in 2012, enough to put In my favourite five albums of the year.

I still enjoy this album occasionally and its continued to grow on me with one track above all others as a clear stand out. Wishes will get in my head from time to time until I have to play it.

The track opens with with the now iconic Beach House sound. Electric drum machines interweave with arpeggiated synth melodies and provide a bed for the electric guitar and vocals. For me the song is all about the halfway mark where the guitar track fades its way into prominence on the mix. The tone and effects on the guitar along with its multi tracking and panning which widen the stereo field are absolutely perfect for the track, and its melody provides a drive and aggression without overdoing the underplayed sound Beach House are known for. It’s easily one of my favourite guitar parts of all time and well worth your attention so check it out by listening to the track below:



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TOTW: Beach House_Rough Song

Beach House had a busy year with two albums of great new music that will appeal to any of their fans. For me their second album “Thank Your Lucky Stars” was the better of the two and sticks quite closely to the sound they have developed over several years. Looping synth lines/organs and drum machines underpin the more human elements of guitar and vocals.

It’s this blend of the hypnotic layers of instrumentation with Victoria Legrand’s poetic and often cryptic vocals that always create an air mystery and self-reflection in a way I always find enchanting and Rough song is no different:

TOTW: Beach House_Sparks

Bloom by Beach House Was a fantastic album from 2012 and I have been looking forward to what Beach House would do next. Sparks seems to be the beginning of what’s to come.

Sparks is the first track announced from their upcoming album Depression Cherry, it starts with a looping vocal sample that provides a bed for the iconic Beach House sound of Female Vocals, Organ and Guitar.

TOTW: Beach House_Myth

Well I’ve Just got a new stack of CD’s with my first paycheck and been listening to a load of them on my two days off, They are all great, and I’m sure they will be making an appearance in future Tracks of the Week,

However the opening track to the Beach House album Bloom, is one That I’ve been returning to on a regular basis. Myth has this Dark tinge to its jangly guitar and dream pop structure that really helps the track dig its way into you, a strong opener for the album which is well worth a listen if you like the sound of it: