TOTW: Beach House_Wishes

Some tracks take time to grow for me, I loved the Beach House album Bloom on its release in 2012, enough to put In my favourite five albums of the year.

I still enjoy this album occasionally and its continued to grow on me with one track above all others as a clear stand out. Wishes will get in my head from time to time until I have to play it.

The track opens with with the now iconic Beach House sound. Electric drum machines interweave with arpeggiated synth melodies and provide a bed for the electric guitar and vocals. For me the song is all about the halfway mark where the guitar track fades its way into prominence on the mix. The tone and effects on the guitar along with its multi tracking and panning which widen the stereo field are absolutely perfect for the track, and its melody provides a drive and aggression without overdoing the underplayed sound Beach House are known for. It’s easily one of my favourite guitar parts of all time and well worth your attention so check it out by listening to the track below:



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