Made In Japan Retrospective-Track 13 “Tsukiji”

I always knew the next track “Leaving” would be the last on the album however as a fairly minimal piece it clashed with the two long progressive and at times aggressive tracks that preceded it. During the mixing stage both Mark Chadwick and myself decided we needed something to break up the tracks and allow the listener to settle into the end of the album.

Out of all the field recordings I’d made but hadn’t used, The clearing up of Tsukiji Fish market in the afternoon was the one I most wanted to use and the correlation with people packing away stores and me “packing away” was rather fitting. I selected one of the recordings and cleaned up the audio using Izotope’s RX to get rid of some of the electrical noises in the recording and then and we then selected a 30 second section to put into the album.

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