TOTW:Actress- Actress_Leaves Against The Sky

Actress has managed to create a uniquely identifiable sound in electronic music. It’s dark and and amorphous sound seems to contradict the locked loops of the instruments themselves.

On listening to their complete albums, these techniques create works that have a strong mood. I have found it captivating when in the right mindset. It has kept me returning to them over the years as their subtleties worm their way with time into my subconscious.

I can see that being the case with the most recent Actress album, “Karma & Desire.” Fragments of the record already loop around in my head from time to time; one of them being the piano line on “Leaves Against The Sky.”  It follows the same off kilter production that his work is known for, but with an unusually up tempo driving kick drum in sections.

Listen to “Leaves Against The Sky” and let it sit with you for a few days. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to return to its distinctive opaqueness to try and grasp onto what makes the track so compelling:


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