TW: Loney Dear_Sinister In A State Of Hope

Sinister In A State Of Hope was the first track I heard from Loney Dear. Opening his album Loney Noir, the track sets the tone perfectly.

Most of his work has a downplayed and subtle approach. The instrumentation usually fades in and out of the track, developing so smoothly that it never tries to fight for your attention.

The introverted nature of the album may not be for some people, but if you can get into its mindset, there’s a lot to love. For me, it’s always been the instrumentation that has made me come back to Loney Dear’s work.

Mostly lead by acoustic guitar, and backed up by a massive variety of instrumentation; it is always beautifully recorded, with a care for intricacy.

Sinister In A State Of Hope is a great example of Loney Dear’s sound. Lush textures created by a large collection of different instrumentation bubble underneath the vocals and acoustic guitar. It creates a music that, although saccharin for some people, has stuck with me for many years:


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