TOTW: Clark_ Flask / Abyss

Clark’s latest album “Kiri Variations” elaborates on and develops themes that he made for the British tv show Kiri. In parts it does sound more like an OST then a traditionally tailored album but this doesn’t stop Clark from showing his incredible qualities as a producer and sound designer.

As you may well know I’m a sucker for synth pads and “Flask / Abyss” doesn’t disappoint. Warm warbling synthesis with slow attack and releases drift into and out of the track like waves. Bobbing on top of these waves is the light melody that only lasts briefly before the mood of the piece plunges into deeper darker territory.

Clark continues to make music that sounds lush vibrant and unique. His production is some of the best in electronic music. Pushing elements of sound design to new places without sacrificing quality in composition and production. “Kiri Variations” takes this in a more minimal and ambient direction but if you want something more dance floor orientated I would highly recommend his self titled album:


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