Apparats blend of electronic dance styles with more traditional song composition has always stuck with me over the years.

As time has moved on, this style became more prevalent in popular music. But Apparat has always stood out due to his sound design. His synths sound rich and organic, blurring the line between the physical and synthetic.

This ability is displayed perfectly on my track of the week “DAWAN” the opening instrumentation sounds on its initial transient to be close to a xylophone but as the notes continue to resonate, they turn into more digital synthesized pad sounds, blending the percussive with the melodic.

The track develops, adding as a shuffling drum rhythm which creates a pace and focus for the synth pads and vocals. Slowly instrumentation increases and crescendos to the tracks conclusion. Apparat has always managed to create a strong mood in his music, with every instrument sounding complimentary, DAWAN demonstrates these qualities perfectly.



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