TOTW: Prefab Sprout_ Fall from Grace

Prefab Sprout are probably best know for their kitsch single “king of rock and roll” but underneath their 80s pop aesthetics Singer/Songwriter Paddy McAloon has always been able to write poignant lyrics in a style only he can. Songs “when love breaks down” and “Johnny Johnny” being personal favorites.

This re-issue of his album “I Trawl the Megahertz” shows off his talents as a composer/arranger. Its sonic pallet is stunning, strings underpin woodwind, brass and percussive instrumentation that allows melodies to drift in and out of focus. It creates a dreamlike, cerebral world that you cant help but be immersed in.

As themes in the piece come and go throughout the album works best when listened to as a whole. But if you wanted to dip your toe into the water the track “Fall from Grace” exemplifies the quality’s in the album I love so much and would be a great starting point:



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