Albums Of The Year 2018

Skee Mask- Compro

Skee Mask- Compro

On “Compro” Skee Mask takes several Dance music genre and strips them away into their raw elements. Driving drums, pulsing basses and atmospheric pads forming the majority of the work.

This stylistic choice gives the album a strong sense of Mood, unifying all the genre into a concise work that takes you on a journey throughout its 12 tracks. The album Starts with “Cerroverb” and ambient track that provides the icy pad sounds that form the foundation for powerful percussion to slice through on preceding tracks.

Each time the album reaches a certain level of complexity it is then stripped down to another ambient track to start the process over again. This ebb and flow throughout “Compros” duration keeps your attention focused on what are a fantastic collection of tracks in their own right.

When I first listened to “Compro” the influences were pretty clear. The Early Warp records of Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada would easily sit in a playlist next to this album.

In this playlist, “Compro” wouldn’t be a weak link but equal to some of the most revered Classics of electronic music e.g. “Selected Ambient Works” and Music has the right to children”. On repeat listens I believe it holds up to their achievements, “Compro” is a modern classic that will only need time to be considered in the same regard as some of the greatest albums in Electronic Music.

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