Albums Of The Year 2018

A.A.L- 2012-2017

Against All Logic- 2012-2017

Nicolas Jaar has been making a hybrid of dance and experimental music over the past decade. It’s a sound that has elevated him to a unique position of respect for many different areas of the electronic music scene. This year (under the Against All Logic Pseudonym) he released a collection of work he made between 2012 and 2017 that demonstrates his ability to blend the odd and mainstream in a way that any fan of dance music can enjoy making it a must listen.

The album puts its cards on the table with its opening track “This Old House Is All I Have”. A distorting brass sample is pitched down to create a massive all consuming sound that’s put at the front of the mix. It rips is way through your speaker system, eating and consuming the developing funk track underneath. It’s a very bold choice that many producers wouldn’t risk going against all the traditional rules in the playbook. All except the most important “Trust your ears”.

By breaking with conventions he keeps listeners on their toes but he never looses focus on making music that applies to the dance floor. Throughout its 11 tracks were treated to music that always keeps the percussive elements as its driving force. A sold bedrock allowing the more experimental choices to provide detail and intricate flourishes but never take over control.

The bouncing house groves never put a foot wrong. Track after track of quality dance music that’s as easy to listen to in the club as at home.
Nicolas Jaar has straddled the line between the experimental and the formulaic to create music that suits many situations. He manages to cover the techniques that make electronic (especially house) music so great and always shows them in their best light.

“2012-2017” is an album that many will like. It provides an originality that will entertain veterans of the genre and a structure that will indoctrinate new listeners to his work. A tour de force of house music demonstrating the best it has to offer. Don’t miss out!

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