TOTW: Oneohtrix Point Never- Love In The Time Of Lexapro

After his previous album “Age Of” and its change in style. Many fans clamored for an album of content closer to his earlier works, which can now be found complied on the fantastic “Rifts” collection.

Well it looks like with the announcement of a new album and its opening track “Love In the Time Of Lexapro” OPN has done just that. All the hallmarks of his style of sound design are there. The track opens with a wide synth pad and finishes with a lead line both from the Juno 60/106 Synthesizer used on many of his early works. The artwork also brings back memories of “Chuck Person’s Eccojams Vol.1”.

This is a trip into nostalgia for fans and will please many. It will be interesting to see how OPN continues to straggle both the need for experimentation in his music and the desires of avid listeners to his earlier works.

With this most recent release he seems to have gone back to an old formula that still hasn’t lost its charm and created something faithful to his early works without overdoing it. In turn he has created an easy and enjoyable listen and an anticipation to hear the rest of the album.


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