TOTW: Elton John_ Bennie and the Jets

There are a handful of songs that become the soundtrack to our own personal lives. They happen to play at moments that unify with an experience and etch themselves into our memories. Listening to them brings you back to that very moment.

Bennie and the Jets by Elton John always does this to me. Taking me back to my youth with long summers boating in France and the best of Elton John on the stereo. Although there are over 20 tracks on that double album. There’s something about this track and its addition of live crowd that really suited long warm summer days and has become synonymous for me with this personal experience.

As he continues his final world tour before retirement. I’ve been listening to his staggering back catalog of fantastic songs with many many favorites of mine. But its Bennie and the Jets that I will always remember fondest.


TOTW Playlist:

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