TOTW: MGMT_ Me and Michael

MGMT seemed to surprise the music industry and themselves with the huge success of their first album “oracular spectacular” in 2007. It blended great pop melodies with lyrics of teen angst and the production style of Dave Fridmann to became an international hit.

Since then the band have shied away from that sound, instead focusing on the more psychedelic and less accessible music they’re personally interested in. But their fourth record marks a return towards the pop aesthetic of their earlier work, and in turn, a more enjoyable album on first listen.

Me and Michel is saturated with 80’s nostalgia and it does it superbly well. It manages to create a dreamlike soundscape of innocence that could be the soundtrack to any John Hughes movie from the time period. A throwback to the simpler time of youth, where most things are simple and the trivial is important; taking you on a pleasant journey that’s a joy to hear on repeat.



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