TOTW: Burial_Hiders

Burial bookended last year in music for me. Truant/Rough Sleeper and Rival Dealer EP’s were the first and last things i bought and have both been great works. Managing to develop and evolve the iconic sound, synonymous with the artist.

Rival Dealer starts harsher and more abrasive than any of his previous works on its opening and title track. But then goes to the other end of the spectrum with a softer and gentle approach that almost borders on the romantic.

Tracks Hiders (below) and Come down to Us as with the rest of Burials work over 2013 have managed to show an artist developing their sound in unique and refreshing ways that manage to completely defy my expectation of their work.

If these mini EP’s continue over a full album from burial and offer this diversity i hope they continue into 2014 and beyond:

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