TOTW: Disasterpeace_Synchrosynct

This week I’m going back to highlighting music from video games. FEZ was a wonderfully complex puzzler that manged to develop its world to such a level of detail that it felt natural. The game is a real pleasure to just spend timeĀ in, aided in part by the brilliant score by Disasterpeace.

This Synth heavy soundtrack influenced by chiptune has been remixed by a collection of artists into two albums entitled Side F and Side Z. The original score of FEZ Manages to create allot with a very limited pallet due to the amount of detail in each part of the tracks.

This detail creates lots of great hooks throughout the soundtrack wich provide inspiration for the remixes found on these two albums. Synchrosynct is The opening track from The Side F Remix album and from Disasterpeace himself. The Track opens with a disorienting Syth note which Gives way to a sidechained Compressed Kick drum and Large open snare similar to most house music. Its bold and brash and I love it:


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