TOTW: USA Out of Vietnam

Well TOTW took a short break due to the holidays but also due to me writing my albums of the year which should have come out earlier this week.

To make up for this I thought I would recommend an album I first heard on the great all back no front podcast.

USA out of Vietnam have released this 5 track EP on bandcamp and the whole thing has been on regular play on my commute to work. As you listen through the album it constantly surprised me, going in directions i didn’t expect

The more rustic recoding of the tacks added charm for me, Like a rough diamond you can hear the quality beneath the surface but i think the fact that it is a bit rough around the edges make it something to persevere with and make the reveals so much sweeter

The highlights are definitely the first two tracks especially the middle of we are comets, we are on fire so give those a listen, and if you like it please buy it: