TOTW: Uboa- An Angel of Great and Terrible Light

This track is from the Uboa album “The Origin of My Depression” which on the most part is an intense and relentless listen. It blends styles and experimental walls of sound to create a tracks that at times can feel almost suffocating.

“An Angel of Great and Terrible Light” starts in a lighter direction with the darker elements bubbling under the track like feelings of self doubt. As the track continues they try to take over and derail the track by the 5 five minute mark they stop being sporadic and the distortion works it way into guitars that are not only aggressive but also regimented. They don’t just take over the track but also take control of it driving it forward. By the end even they can’t keep control or order. The track falls into chaos as static and distortion drowns out all melody before finally subsiding to a synth/vibraphone melody.

This Track condenses the albums entire theme into its run time and is a great place to start with it because if you like what you hear you’ll definitely like the rest. A bold and provocative piece of work that encapsulates is subject matter almost perfectly:


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