TOTW: The Niel Cowley Trio_Scaredy Cat

The Niel Cowley Trio started as a traditional three piece Jazz band before they added greater emphasis on sound design in more recent music.

What originally enticed me to their work was a blend of the traditional, with an interest in keeping the melody catchy and recognisable even in its iteration during repetition. This leads to a sound that grows on you quickly and stays with you on repeat listens.

Scaredy Cat starts with a wash of arpeggios which interchange with a more rigid and melody focused second section. As the main melody iterates on every repeat it gains complexity until it becomes as fast and fluid as the arpeggio section. Its this balance between the atmospheric and static that makes the piece shine.

This more accessible Jazz is a great place to start for people who aren’t yet fans of the genre without loosing what I like the most about it. A natural sound of musicians playing together in the same room, bouncing ideas of each other and creating something exiting.



TOTW Playlist: