Totw: The Go! Team_ Panther Dash

This week I suddenly had a hunkering to listen to the first album by “The Go! Team” . Up to “Thunder, Lightning, Strike” touring “The Go! Team” were the production skills and creative vision of Ian Parton, who recorded most of this album at his parents home and mixed it with his brother Gareth Parton.

This is probably why “Thunder, Lightning, Strike” still stands as my favorite album by “The Go! Team”. It’s the purest form of the distilled vision of Ian Patron. A sound that mixes garage rock guitars with samples of old-school Hip-hop, double dutch chants and soundtracks to such great affect. It created a jolly and childlike world of positivity that reminds me more of shows like Sesame Street then other music.

Panther Dash is the opening track and presents the ideas and even some of the key samples that we hear throughout the album. A perfect introduction to a great album and a novel band that are well worth investigating:


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