TOTW: The Field_ Is This Power

Loops by definition are repetitive. Short samples of audio playing over and over again with little change. They can be annoying at their worst but when done well can have an almost hypnotic effect on you. It’s this strange polarity that has fascinated many musicians about loops since we have been able to create them.

The Field is one such musician and has focused heavily on loops throughout his career but most prominently on the album Looping State of Mind which opens with my track of the week.

Is This Power has a detuning synth line that repeats every 4 bars throughout the majority of the song and yet with time it just blends into the background allowing you to focus on the driving drums and bass line that arrive around the 1 minute mark.

It’s this driving force that keeps me hooked throughout the tracks nearly 9 minutes and by being very repetitive you are more open to noticing the subtle changes going on throughout the track: