TOTW: Teenage Bad Girl_ Keep Up With You

French House has been popular over the past ten years and become more so with the increase of electronica in the music mainstream. It has always had strong influences from rock music and bands like daft punk have bridged the gap between both genres often becoming the gateway band for indy kids to get into the world of electronica. In recent years this influence has given the genre a harder edge with acts like Justice gaining main stream success for their hard hitting over compressed sound.

For me Teenage Bad Girls two albums offer up the Most bombastic affronting examples of the genre. Instruments and samples are heavily compressed and chopped up with reckless abandon, sometimes to an intensity that leaves me as the listener disoriented.

This may be too much for some people but if you’re creating balls out house music what’s the point of Half measures? Teenage Bad Girl follow that philosophy.

Keep Up With You and its video is strongly influenced by the 80’s hair metal genre and can be listened to below: