TOTW: Tame Impala_Let It Happen

It’s taken me a few months to catch up with the new Tame Impala album but I’m glad i finally did. Let It Happen is a Perfect example of this album. The single version of this track sounds like there hasn’t been much of an advancement from his previous album Lonerism and although I enjoyed the track it did feel like treading over old ground. However on the Album this track breaks down into a fantastic looping breakdown that made me perk up and listen.

Kevin Parker has managed to develop his sound further with the use of sampling and audio editing to create a fresh take on his already fantastic sound design and production. Listen to the album version below:


TOTW:Tame Impala_ Apocalypse Dreams

I’ve listened to the album Lonerism several times this week, It has an upbeat 60s feel that brings a smile to my face and flows very nicely. With lots of short tracks that are weaved together with little vignettes, If you like that 60s sound with phaseing drum cymbals and a classic hofner bass you will love it, Give it a try: