TOTW: Supergrass_Moving

As the year draws to an end and my albums of the year list gets more imminent, it becomes a mad rush to listen to as many new albums as possible. At some point I need to clear the palate with some music I’m very accustomed to. Music that’s been in my psyche for years, ingrained into my life and experiences like a soundtrack. Moving by Supergrass is one of those tracks.

The track sounds like two different choruses from separate songs have been merged together into an A-B repeating pattern. We open with the (A) section complimented by a wondrous string arrangement that provides a bed for the acoustic guitar section before more rock elements of electric guitar, organ and heavily hit piano come in for the B section.

Both these sections would be the highlight of two separate tracks and it’s this contrast between the harder B section and the more Refined A section that really work well when put together. But it’s the A section that I always look forward to hearing. It brings a sense of nostalgia that always pulls at me emotionally. Even without that nostalgia, moving is a well made piece of indy pop from an dacade where indy pop was king and I hope it will connect with people today as it did with me 15 years ago: