TOTW: Sir Deja Doog_I Put A Spell On You

Aside from my Love for music I’m also a fan of Podcasts and on occasion they provide inspiration for my TOTW.

I heard about Sir Deja Doog on Here Be Monsters, a podcast that tells true and fictional story’s about the darker/mysterious sides of life and his story made me want to listen to his work especially the album Love Coffin which was created at the same time as the artists issues with brain cancer.

Dark and slightly vaudevillian in style, Doogs music manages to be a mix of the bleak and the camp. When he gets it mix right it works brilliantly which is the case with his cover of I Put A Spell On You by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

Doogs guttural vocals give the lyrics a far more sinister edge and the song builds to a rapturous saxophone solo which takes the track up a notch before it vanishes abruptly. A great cover creating a different take on a classic piece: