TOTW: Simon & Garfunkel_The Boxer

This is my favourite track by Simon & Garfunkel and that’s no mean feat considering they are some of the finest songwriters in history. Although the track is stunning lyrically, what really sets this above their other works is the mix. The track slowly blossoms into something darker as we go deeper into the profile of the subject. Instrumentation is built upon from a traditional acoustic guitar setup to feature rich tapestry from many different instruments from across the spectrum.

All of these instruments feel like they are suited to fit the story. The heavy tom that sounds like a hard punch on the chorus, the sorrowful and contemplative sound of the pedal steel guitar and then the string swells and deep brass towards the end all contribute to the piece.

The Boxer is quite simply a masterpiece. Something that was made by artists at the top of their game and with the love, care and attention of people who truly believe in what they are doing. I will never tire of it and it will never leave me: