TOTW: Shobaleader One_ Iambic 5 Poetry

Shobaleder One is a band founded by Tom Jenkinson. Better known as his pseudonym Spuarepusher, an act that has always mixed his expansive knowledge in composition with his incredible abilities as a bass player. He brings both of these to this project ,which plays a collection of his own work in a live environment with a collective of other highly talented musicians.

At times Instrumentation that was never designed to be played from anything other than a machine is achieved by the group as they turn samples and arpeggiators into virtuoso noodlings. Although physically impressive it’s the more melodic and simple tracks that have been my highlights.

Iambic 5 Poetry offers a restrained collection of instrumentation in comparison to some of the other tracks but also provide catchy hooks which drew my attention on first listen. It manages to highlight that a lot of the more complicated forms of electronic are closer to Progressive Rock and Jazz then most modern Electronic Dance Music and is well worth a listen to fans of either genre.


TOTW Playlist: