TOTW: Shira Kammen_Lullaby

As you all know one of my passions is music, however I also have a soft spot for computer games.

It therefore makes perfect sense to on occasion, link my track of the week to video game music of note. I have always idolised people making music for games, It requires a fast turn around and a particular skill that is unique to the genre. Namely creating something that can be looped repeatedly without getting boring. After all games are ultimately controlled by the consumer. If they decide to spend 20 minutes in an area with a soundtrack that is only designed for 3 it has to avoid irritation.

A truly great game soundtrack will interweave with the game itself, adding its tones and textures into the very fabric of the game to the extent that they become one and the same. Representative of the scenarios and Worlds created by the designers a games music can be as varied and eclectic as computer games themselves.

Because of its close interweaving nature some music made for computer games won’t really work outside of the game itself. On occasion though you get something that can become its own thing, still attractive, irrelevant of weather you have played the game or not. This applies to the braid soundtrack with its beautiful use of strings, predominantly chello and otherworldly percussive sounds it is a wondrous creation.

Listen to one of the tracks Lullaby below and if you like it the album is available from Magatune.