TOTW: Rezzett_ Gremlinz

On the self titled Rezzett EP, many styles of dance music are created with lo-fi elements that have really stuck with me over the past few weeks.

This murky sonic vision controls and occasionally overpowers the Album. But it does provide a direction that shows a sporadic mix of genre like Jungle, Ambient, techno and house to all blended together throughout the albums well paced playtime.

With its extreme lo-fi sound i have personally found the work to sound its best on hi-if systems or headphones. With flatter studio monitors the sound seems just a little too dark for me. But that shouldn’t stop the majority of people really liking it.

“Gremlinz” was the first track that really stood out to me with on the First listen. The heavily bit reduced fast pitching synth sound that sounds close to a mario coin pickup SFX provides a catchy hook to the track that grabs you and pulls you into its massively distorted and compressed bass line and de-tuning arpeggiated synth. Just like the rest of the album, songs succeed because of their melodies and composition. Without those qualities enhancing the lo-fi sound it would be very easy to fall flat.

Fortunately Rezzett manages to prove that a great collection of core ideas in composition will stand against any sonic style you throw at it and when you can big risks away from the sonic norms of modern production really pay dividends:


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