TOTW: Priests_Interlude (-)

The Priests album Nothing Feels Natural is a post-punk debut reminiscent of many of the genre’s greatest achievements. A superb album in its own right but nuzzled between the more traditional tracks is my track of the week “Interlude”.

Interlude does what its name suggests a short and unique song that sounds completely separate from the rest of the tracks. Providing a pallet cleanser but also showing ideas that we don’t usually hear on most post-punk albums.

A string section provides a neo-classical sound we would expect from artists such as Nils Frahm or Max Richter. It uses both low and high fidelity recording to create a wash of instrumentation that hints at many things with a subtlety that feels fresh in the context of this album.

Artists often add small ideas into works that change up or test areas and interests to demonstrate their versatility and Interlude by Priests is a great example.


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