TOTW: Our Gray Lives_ S___A_A_H_G___S__B___-V_4

For fans of the more experimental music I put up on this site especially the work of acts like Tim Hecker and William Basinski the album Cacophonies by Our Gray Lives may be right up your street.

Each track on the album features another album by a completely different artist with every track from that album playing at the same time. The artist Our Gray lives then mixes these tracks together and washes them in effects to create new tracks of his own.

Depending on the material used these tracks vary differently in tempo style and sound design and for me they work the best when they are larger more pad like soundscape found on tracks such as the opening S__A_A_H_G___S__B___-V_4. Although I’m still not aware of the album he has used as the sauce material it certainly has elements of African instrumentation and singing which become more prominent towards the end as other tracks drop away removing the wide sonic textures to reveal guitars and vocals.

If you want to hear music that falls on the fringes of the norm. This is a great addition to a thriving experimental scene and has a lot to take from and enjoy.


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