TOTW: Public Service Broadcasting_EVEREST

Every year in either February or March I will hear an album that should have appeared in last years album of the year list and this year its Inform-Educate-Entertain By Public Service broadcasting.

Another gem heard on NPR’s SXSW Playlist. Everest like all of Public Service Broadcastings work adds a musical accompaniment to samples of documentary narrations to create really wonderful music. Everest is only the tip of the mountainous talent that the their first full album demonstrates. Every track being feeling part of the whole whilst having its own voice a fantastic work:

TOTW: Hundred Waters-Down From The Rafters

This week I want to bring attention to not only this track but also the fantastic sampler NPR are offering on their site which it features on. SXSW is on and to celebrate NPR music have gathered together a collection of 100 of their favourite tracks from the bands playing the festival and can be downloaded for free here:

All of the tracks are worth listening to and have given me inspiration for several weeks of TOTW. I will start with the Hundred Waters track Down From the Rafters. This track starts in the realms of traditional celtic folk but at the 2:30 mark were treated to an overlaying structure modern production on top of its traditional routes creating something unique and exiting: