TOTW: Mew_Water Slides

I Finally got to see Mew this week and am glad I did. For me this band are highly underrated. Always doing new and interesting things that push their sound.

Although they have taken a more pop feel on their recent album “+-” they still manage to create a complex and layered sound that reveals more on multiple listens. Water Slides is one of my favourite tracks, its chorus manages to pack a punch and be joyous. It’s that blend of warm pad sounds with layered guitar that keeps me coming back to their music and Water Slides continues the tradition:

TOTW: Mew_Special

Mew Are Back with a new album in April and I’m exited. “And the Glass Handed Kites” their 2005 album is a masterpiece. Something I listen to on a regular basis to this day and has made me follower of their work for the forseeable future.

Special Is one of the 14 tracks from this superb album and a great place to start. If you are a fan of it please give the entire album a listen, Its greater then the sum of its parts.

TOTW: Mew_Reprise

For me there are few bands that can hit with the same emotional punch as classical music. However with the development of polyphonic synthesis even small bands or single artists can create more complex arrangements that fill the spectrum with sounds that manage to come close.

Reprise carry’s a heft, It feels like the weight of the world is on Mews shoulders and when it is contradicted by the break down into the innocent vocals from singer Jonas Bjerre the childlike naivety manages to free itself and the listener from this oppression.

Mew manages to mix the emotions of both the dreamer and the pessimist to create something that strikes a blow to me on many of their tracks. Reprise is a perfect example:

TOTW: Mew_ An envoy to the open fields

“And the glass handed kites” is a fantastic album. One I have listened to countless times but have struggled to put on my track of the week list. The reason for this is how it’s constructed, as a flowing suite of music rather than a collection of easily selectable tracks.

The internet has bred a pick and mix culture. We have the ability to house months worth of music on a device that will fit in your pocket, but this can result in an extended compilation player.

The cure for this is an album like “and the glass handed kites”. You go on a journey experiencing the highs and lows. From big bombastic stadium suffocating rock to quiet self reflective indie and back again. It manages to do this so well that you wont even notice it’s happened until an hour later when the album finishes.

So now it may be a bit hypocritical to suggest a single track, but I’ve tried to pick one that demonstrates the feel for the whole thing. It’s good to read a magazine but sometimes it’s more fulfilling to get stuck into a novel. Treat this track like the blurb or a quick thumb through and if you like what you hear, listen to the whole album, you wont be disappointed: