TOTW: Melt-Banana_ The Hive

Melt-Banana have a take on noise rock that could only come out of Japan. Frantic fast paced guitar is looped and slammed through effects by Ichirou Agata to create massive soundscapes for Yasuko Onuki to shout over. These soundscapes shift around in unexpected ways that keep the listener constantly guessing.

The Hive is a perfect example. The track starts frenetic and thrashy but towards the end more effects and loops over the guitar add some order to the chaos. Shifting the track into sounds reminiscent of electronic genre.

If you want some music to pick you up by the scruff of the neck and shake some life into you this could well be it. Melt-Banana offer a refreshing take on the noise rock sound that’s clearly influenced by the their culture and musical proficiency.

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